The issue

Boys need protection too

WE CAN BETTER PROTECT BOYS FROM sexual abuse, assault and exploitation.

AND it starts with changing attitudes.

need adult protection

For too long, society has pressured boys to be brave, strong and independent; and given them more freedom than girls as a result.

On Blue Umbrella Day, we’re drawing attention to every child’s need for adult care – regardless of their gender.

BOYS value freedom,
so let’s make it safe

If we don’t give boys enough protection, we put them at risk of harm.

On Blue Umbrella Day, we’re reminding the world that boys can be victims of harm too.

NO boy should be ashamed
to ask for help 

Too much emphasis on telling boys to be brave can make them feel embarrassed to come forward when they need adult help. This can lead to increased risk of sexual abuse, exploitation or harmful sexual behaviours.

On Blue Umbrella Day, we’re fighting harmful stereotypes of what it means to be ‘a real man’ – because no boy should be ashamed to ask for help.

Boys who experience sexual violence are

Far less likely than girls to ask for help

More likely to have problems in future relationships


Words can change

The world

Changing the way we teach boys could help them avoid harm in their life, and to ask for help when they need it. 

On Blue Umbrella Day, we ask everyone to share these key messages.

    • Boys need adult care and protection too
    • Boys can be victims of sexual violence
    • Being a ‘real man’ means being kind to yourself and others
    • All children can be at risk of online sexual abuse or exploitation – including boys
    • Let’s advocate for services for children affected by Sexual Violence to be inclusive for boys too