Reports about sexual violence affecting boys

Today, around the world…

Boys continue to experience high levels of sexual abuse, assault and exploitation, as well as being exposed to sexually-inappropriate materials. The cause of long-term consequences for boys, these experiences can lead to depression and other mental health conditions. Sadly, many societies around the world remain blind to these issues, believing that boys can protect themselves from harm. This is rooted in the idea of what makes a ‘real man’, encouraging boys to be ‘brave’ and ‘strong’ from a young age. However, this does not recognise that boys are children too, and still need appropriate adult protection to keep them safe from harm.



Primary research with children and young people, caregivers and professionals about sexual violence and harmful social norms. Undertaken in Cambodia, India, Nepal and the Philippines.

Caring for Boys Affected by Sexual Violence

This global study brings together learnings from best practice in this challenging field.