The story of Blue Umbrella Day

About Blue Umbrella Day

Blue Umbrella Day is an awareness day, marked in diverse countries, that aims to draw attention to the need to provide appropriate protection to boys to support their wellbeing. 

Blue Umbrella Day is an initiative of Family for Every Child, a global alliance of children’s organisations that work together to improve the lives of children and families worldwide. 

It is part of a wider programme of work tackling sexual violence affecting boys, including regional research on Caring for Boys Affected by Sexual Violence and our United for Boys Charter. We are committed to increasing the global focus on this under-supported issue, promoting the rights of both boys and girls so that all children can live in a world free from sexual violence.

About Family for Every Child

Family for Every Child is a global alliance of Changemaker organisations that work together to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families around the world. 

Each of our Changemaker organisations is an expert in their area and local context, and brings unique knowledge to our global network. By enabling collaboration across borders, we share our models and expertise and come together with a stronger, united voice through campaigns such as Blue Umbrella Day.